The Mid Rail Position On Plantation Shutters

Many people enjoy adding plantation shutters to their homes as they add a more solid look and feel to the windows.

This short video gives some good advice and information concerning mid rails. A mid rail is – as the name would suggest – a section that is in the middle of the shutter itself. The reason why the mid rail exists is to allow you to open either the top or the bottom set of blades separately if desired.

Not all shutters have a mid rail – only those which are above a certain height. The rail gives more strength and stability to the shutter, which is why it is there in larger shutters. You can have them on smaller shutters but it is not required for stability and the presence of the mid rail would actually lead to less light coming in the room. There would also be no need to adjust top and bottom blades separately if the shutter was very short.

To determine where the mid rail goes, it is important to measure from the bottom of the window frame and go upwards. It is traditional to put the rail in a similar position to where the break in the window is too.