How To Stop Your Baby Playing With Blinds

Blinds and shutters can look sensational when installed in any room. However while adults look and appreciate the blinds, babies and toddlers tend to make a beeline for them to play with them instead. How can you stop them doing this so your blinds aren’t ruined and your baby isn’t harmed?

Many young children are fascinated by blinds, especially vertical ones. If this is the case you can try and redirect their attention elsewhere until they lose interest in them. For example tell them not to play with them and then hand them something else to play with instead, or interact with them in some other way.

Another idea is to keep the blinds up out of their way, clipping them securely out of reach until they learn not to play with them. If you have Venetian blinds the cord will be the most concerning thing to consider. In this case you can attach a strong and secure hook to the wall and tie off the cord around it so it is out of their reach. Remember young children can start to pull themselves up and reach higher than you may think, so bear this in mind as well.

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