Window Furnishing Suggestions For Your Home

If you’re thinking of doing a bit of renovating in your home but you’re not sure where to start, making your windows the focal point of your decorations is a good way to get going. There are many different ways to use custom blinds to makes your windows a feature, from colour, size and style.

What Do You Need?

Where you live and which room you’re renovating will affect how you design them. If you live on the ground floor on a busy street, then privacy will be a huge concern. Other things to consider are how much light you want to let in and if you want to keep heat in your home. Design is another important aspect – how does the colour fit in with your paintwork, furniture and carpets?


The style of your blinds will largely be determined by the size and shape of your windows as interior design Melbourne. For many windows, custom blinds will have to be ordered to make sure you get the right fit. You also have to choose between materials and blind type – venetian vs rollers, shutters vs vertical. Almost all styles come in numerous colours and some, such as the timber blinds, can easily be repainted for a new look.

Colour, pattern and texture are all elements to look out for when dressing your windows and remember more than one pattern or texture can be used to create a unique look.

Increase Your Home’s Appeal With New Blinds

New Dream Home

If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, you’re sure to be thinking of simple tricks to make it more appealing and look more valuable to potential buyers.

Make Sure Everything Is Tidy

It’s an easy trick and one that can be outsourced if you don’t have the time, but a clean appearance can do wonders for your home. As well as a hoover and dust, make sure to clean all the tricky areas like skirting boards. Focus on the outside of your home too by mowing the lawn and trimming back wild bushes.

A New Lick Of Paint

Chipped paint on fences, cupboards and door frames can give the buyer a hint of degradation in the home and it’ll make them more suspicious of other facets of the home. A new coat of paint gives off an aura that things are well looked after.

Replaced Damaged Goods

If your carpets are fraying or your blinds and curtains are past their best days, it’s a good idea to replace them. Although only small features, they can have a long-lasting impression on visitors from both the inside and the outside.