Designer Lighting – Eyoi Yoi Table Light Large Es

Is there any creature in the world that exemplifies beauty in a better way than the butterfly? The butterfly can come in a variety of colors. If you see this insect in hordes, it makes for a terrific sighting in every way. No wonder, you have the artists and designers in every field taking inspiration for this humble creature.

The Table light design, Eyoi Yoi, is the perfect inspiration for a table light design. Marc Pascal has the uncanny knack of choosing the perfect designs for his designer lighting.

Using the white color as the background, Marc weaves the other colors beautifully so as to blend with the background perfectly. The central ring plays the most important role of holding the butterfly designs in the cloud form.

marc-pascal-design-table-lampsThe eternal combination of the butterfly and the falling leaves in autumn is ample proof of the designer’s innate imagination powers. The coloring pattern is excellent with the white color making up an overwhelming two-thirds of the structure. The butterfly design allows us to experiment with a riot of colors without sticking to any select pattern. Every color can look heavenly with this design.

The finishing for the designer light is of poly carbonate. You have great finishes with opal, frost, and transparent gloss being the three types. You can leave the coloring and the finishing to the imagination of the designer.

You have a hand cast base in the shape of a water droplet. One must concede that the designer has thought it out beautifully. The felt bottom and the stainless steel stem for holding the inline cord switch is also an innovative design.

The best part of it all is the ease with which you can remove the shade to clean the lights. Originally design in 2006, this design is still very popular.