Choosing Blinds Colours & How To Keep Them Looking New

If you’re looking to buy new blinds one of the biggest questions you have to ask yourself is which colour would be best. Do you want to go with something plain that won’t upset the harmony or should you be more daring and go for a bright colour that makes a statement? Listen to Heidi Cox as she goes through some of the different options available.

Safe Neutrals

Going with a neutral colour (such as white, cream or beige) is a popular choice and with good reason too. These colours go well with almost anything, so it’s unlikely they’ll ever clash or stand out for the wrong reasons. It means that if you change other parts of your décor – such as paint, carpet or furniture – then your blinds will almost definitely still fit in.

Light Vs Dark

Light vs dark, white vs brown, good vs evil. As above, whites and other light neutral colours are nice and complementary, and they’re also great for small rooms as they open things up. If you don’t want to feel closed in, light blinds (and a few mirrors) will help given an impression of a bigger room.

Dark colour blinds on the other hand will do the opposite. They’ll make things feel cosy, but if you’re furnishing a small room it’s best to stick with light colours.

Cold Vs Warm

Your cold colours – blues and greens – are very calming and help to soothe, so are good in rooms where you want to relax, like your bedroom. Warm colours – reds, yellows and oranges – are more energetic, so are better for lively rooms like kitchens.

How To Keep External Blinds Looking New

Modern Blinds

External blinds and shutters need more care than internal window coverings for the simple reason that they’re exposed to weather conditions such as rain and harsh sunlight throughout the year. Keeping them in good nick doesn’t take much time, so long as you remember to keep on top of your maintenance duties.

Outdoor Metal/PVC Blinds

Metal and PVC are the most popular non-wood materials and these are even easier to clean. Soap and warm water, or a general cleaning spray, with a soft cloth do wonders. Be sure to wipe away any soap residue so you don’t leave any streaky marks.

Outdoor Awnings

Fabric awnings are a magnet for dust, dirt and leaves. While some kinds can be taken down for cleaning, other models are fixed in place. If yours are permanent, you’ll need a ladder and a brush and pan. It’s safest to have someone with you to keep your ladder steady.