Designer Lighting – Eyoi Yoi Table Light Large Es

Is there any creature in the world that exemplifies beauty in a better way than the butterfly? The butterfly can come in a variety of colors. If you see this insect in hordes, it makes for a terrific sighting in every way. No wonder, you have the artists and designers in every field taking inspiration for this humble creature.

The Table light design, Eyoi Yoi, is the perfect inspiration for a table light design. Marc Pascal has the uncanny knack of choosing the perfect designs for his designer lighting.

Using the white color as the background, Marc weaves the other colors beautifully so as to blend with the background perfectly. The central ring plays the most important role of holding the butterfly designs in the cloud form.

marc-pascal-design-table-lampsThe eternal combination of the butterfly and the falling leaves in autumn is ample proof of the designer’s innate imagination powers. The coloring pattern is excellent with the white color making up an overwhelming two-thirds of the structure. The butterfly design allows us to experiment with a riot of colors without sticking to any select pattern. Every color can look heavenly with this design.

The finishing for the designer light is of poly carbonate. You have great finishes with opal, frost, and transparent gloss being the three types. You can leave the coloring and the finishing to the imagination of the designer.

You have a hand cast base in the shape of a water droplet. One must concede that the designer has thought it out beautifully. The felt bottom and the stainless steel stem for holding the inline cord switch is also an innovative design.

The best part of it all is the ease with which you can remove the shade to clean the lights. Originally design in 2006, this design is still very popular.

Window Furnishing Suggestions For Your Home

If you’re thinking of doing a bit of renovating in your home but you’re not sure where to start, making your windows the focal point of your decorations is a good way to get going. There are many different ways to use custom blinds to makes your windows a feature, from colour, size and style.

What Do You Need?

Where you live and which room you’re renovating will affect how you design them. If you live on the ground floor on a busy street, then privacy will be a huge concern. Other things to consider are how much light you want to let in and if you want to keep heat in your home. Design is another important aspect – how does the colour fit in with your paintwork, furniture and carpets?


The style of your blinds will largely be determined by the size and shape of your windows as interior design Melbourne. For many windows, custom blinds will have to be ordered to make sure you get the right fit. You also have to choose between materials and blind type – venetian vs rollers, shutters vs vertical. Almost all styles come in numerous colours and some, such as the timber blinds, can easily be repainted for a new look.

Colour, pattern and texture are all elements to look out for when dressing your windows and remember more than one pattern or texture can be used to create a unique look.

Increase Your Home’s Appeal With New Blinds

New Dream Home

If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, you’re sure to be thinking of simple tricks to make it more appealing and look more valuable to potential buyers.

Make Sure Everything Is Tidy

It’s an easy trick and one that can be outsourced if you don’t have the time, but a clean appearance can do wonders for your home. As well as a hoover and dust, make sure to clean all the tricky areas like skirting boards. Focus on the outside of your home too by mowing the lawn and trimming back wild bushes.

A New Lick Of Paint

Chipped paint on fences, cupboards and door frames can give the buyer a hint of degradation in the home and it’ll make them more suspicious of other facets of the home. A new coat of paint gives off an aura that things are well looked after.

Replaced Damaged Goods

If your carpets are fraying or your blinds and curtains are past their best days, it’s a good idea to replace them. Although only small features, they can have a long-lasting impression on visitors from both the inside and the outside.

Choosing Blinds Colours & How To Keep Them Looking New

If you’re looking to buy new blinds one of the biggest questions you have to ask yourself is which colour would be best. Do you want to go with something plain that won’t upset the harmony or should you be more daring and go for a bright colour that makes a statement? Listen to Heidi Cox as she goes through some of the different options available.

Safe Neutrals

Going with a neutral colour (such as white, cream or beige) is a popular choice and with good reason too. These colours go well with almost anything, so it’s unlikely they’ll ever clash or stand out for the wrong reasons. It means that if you change other parts of your décor – such as paint, carpet or furniture – then your blinds will almost definitely still fit in.

Light Vs Dark

Light vs dark, white vs brown, good vs evil. As above, whites and other light neutral colours are nice and complementary, and they’re also great for small rooms as they open things up. If you don’t want to feel closed in, light blinds (and a few mirrors) will help given an impression of a bigger room.

Dark colour blinds on the other hand will do the opposite. They’ll make things feel cosy, but if you’re furnishing a small room it’s best to stick with light colours.

Cold Vs Warm

Your cold colours – blues and greens – are very calming and help to soothe, so are good in rooms where you want to relax, like your bedroom. Warm colours – reds, yellows and oranges – are more energetic, so are better for lively rooms like kitchens.

How To Keep External Blinds Looking New

Modern Blinds

External blinds and shutters need more care than internal window coverings for the simple reason that they’re exposed to weather conditions such as rain and harsh sunlight throughout the year. Keeping them in good nick doesn’t take much time, so long as you remember to keep on top of your maintenance duties.

Outdoor Metal/PVC Blinds

Metal and PVC are the most popular non-wood materials and these are even easier to clean. Soap and warm water, or a general cleaning spray, with a soft cloth do wonders. Be sure to wipe away any soap residue so you don’t leave any streaky marks.

Outdoor Awnings

Fabric awnings are a magnet for dust, dirt and leaves. While some kinds can be taken down for cleaning, other models are fixed in place. If yours are permanent, you’ll need a ladder and a brush and pan. It’s safest to have someone with you to keep your ladder steady.

How To Stop Your Baby Playing With Blinds

Blinds and shutters can look sensational when installed in any room. However while adults look and appreciate the blinds, babies and toddlers tend to make a beeline for them to play with them instead. How can you stop them doing this so your blinds aren’t ruined and your baby isn’t harmed?

Many young children are fascinated by blinds, especially vertical ones. If this is the case you can try and redirect their attention elsewhere until they lose interest in them. For example tell them not to play with them and then hand them something else to play with instead, or interact with them in some other way.

Another idea is to keep the blinds up out of their way, clipping them securely out of reach until they learn not to play with them. If you have Venetian blinds the cord will be the most concerning thing to consider. In this case you can attach a strong and secure hook to the wall and tie off the cord around it so it is out of their reach. Remember young children can start to pull themselves up and reach higher than you may think, so bear this in mind as well.

If you have decided to buy a vertical blind for your property, make sure you head straight for online blind sale, as they’ll be your cheapest option and larges range of well made blinds that would suit all rooms in your home.

Preventing Sun Damage on your provacy Bedroom Blinds

Trekking Bike with Backlit
Sun damage can be very expensive when it comes to your interior furnishings. It isn’t something you would notice straightaway, but over time colours fade and woods darken, unless you choose a vertical blind or something similar to protect everything you have.

Blinds are far better than other types of window dressings when it comes to an affordable and practical solution to combat sun damage. If you were to use curtains you would either have to put up with sun damage or close them to avoid it. This leaves your room darker than it should be and prevents any light at all from getting in.

However when you use blinds you can adjust their positioning to ensure you direct the sunlight away from your furnishings while still allowing it to enter the room. As the sun moves round, you can adjust the blinds to compensate. Not only will this allow you to enjoy the sun without the damage, it will also prevent you from being blinded by it as you walk past a window. As you can see, blinds are indeed the smart solution when it comes to dressing your windows in the most practical way, without spending a fortune in the process.

Get Privacy In Your Bedroom With Blinds

Interior to bedrooms
We all want our bedroom to be a private space we can enjoy, and blinds and shutters can certainly help towards that goal. Blinds in particular offer a cost effective and attractive option for ensuring privacy at the windows whenever you require it, and they can also fit in with any colour scheme or decorating ideas you choose.

Curtains can look lovely in a bedroom, but there is always the chance they won’t meet properly in the middle. This may not matter too much when the light isn’t on in the room, but when it is on anyone outside may be able to see in. Needless to say this does not offer you the best degree of privacy.

A blind, however, is very different. Providing you get a good quality blind that is reasonably thick and fits well inside the window, you will find it impossible for anyone to look in from the outside. This will provide you with the degree of privacy you really want, and it couldn’t be easier to pull down the blind whenever you need it down. Of course you can also adjust it so you can still let some light in whenever you need to.

The Mid Rail Position On Plantation Shutters

Many people enjoy adding plantation shutters to their homes as they add a more solid look and feel to the windows.

This short video gives some good advice and information concerning mid rails. A mid rail is – as the name would suggest – a section that is in the middle of the shutter itself. The reason why the mid rail exists is to allow you to open either the top or the bottom set of blades separately if desired.

Not all shutters have a mid rail – only those which are above a certain height. The rail gives more strength and stability to the shutter, which is why it is there in larger shutters. You can have them on smaller shutters but it is not required for stability and the presence of the mid rail would actually lead to less light coming in the room. There would also be no need to adjust top and bottom blades separately if the shutter was very short.

To determine where the mid rail goes, it is important to measure from the bottom of the window frame and go upwards. It is traditional to put the rail in a similar position to where the break in the window is too.